There are many possible reasons behind a malfunctioning furnace. Three of the most common causes include a dirty burner, frayed or slipped belt, and a clogged air filter.

1. Dirty Burner

The burner needs to be cleaned every once in a while for your furnace to continue operating correctly. You’ll need a professional heating technician to clean the burner for you. This task is included during a furnace tune-up.

To know if your burner is dirty, a heating technician will have to look inside the furnace. It’s dangerous for homeowners to try checking themselves because they could accidentally cause a gas leak. Carbon monoxide, an odorless gas, is one of the possible types of gas leaks from a furnace.

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2. Frayed or Slipped Belt

Belt problems are all too common with furnaces. A belt may become frayed, snapped or slip out of alignment. You may hear a squealing sound when a belt is loose or in need of replacement. However, other problems can be behind a squealing sound, so you need a furnace repair company to diagnose the furnace. You can prevent belts from causing furnace problems by scheduling furnace maintenance once or twice a year.

3. Clogged Air Filter

Another common problem that’s simple to prevent is a clogged air filter. If you change your air filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, then it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience this problem. A dirty air filter leads to more than inefficiency problems. It can cause other parts of the furnace to break. Furthermore, soot may collect in the heat exchanger when the air filter is overdue for being changed.

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