Trent, Residential Service Tech. 

Often times, our service technicians run into odd situations while they’re working in the field. From dealing with customers who have non-HVAC-related requests, to systems damaged or inhabited by a critter of some kind, service techs have to be prepared for some unexpected challenges. Sometimes, however, on the rare occasion, they encounter situations that are truly bizarre. This is an account of one such recent experience.

Trent, one of our service techs, was on a routine maintenance call for a customer. He was working up in the attic by himself when he started to hear yelling and some commotion going on in the home below. His first thought was that there might be a domestic dispute happening. He heard the customer yelling at someone, “Get out of my house!”

Trent came down the from the attic to discover that a young man—who appeared to be high on drugs—had walked in the front door of the customer’s home and would not leave. Trent tried to help the customer persuade the intruder to leave by the front door, but he would not go that direction. In fact, he would become hostile when they tried to physically push him out the front door. He insisted on going through the home and out the backdoor, believing a friend was out back that needed his help. It turns out he had entered the wrong house.

They were able to call 9-1-1 and hold the intruder back from going any further into the home, until the police arrived to arrest him. We were very proud to learn that Trent had gone way over and above his normal job responsibilities to help keep our customer safe. The customer was also very relieved and grateful that someone had been there to help out with what was a very distressing situation.