Furnaces are expensive, so you naturally want yours to last as long as possible. The average furnace can be expected to last for 15 to 30 years. There are ways to help your furnace last as long as possible.

Preventative Maintenance

You should have a professional technician service your furnace once a year. They’ll perform tasks that reduce wear and tear and keep it operating well for a long time. Furnaces that are neglected tend to have relatively short lifespans. At Metal Masters of Medford, OR, we offer annual planned maintenance agreements for furnaces. Our preventative maintenance is designed to keep your furnace operating efficiently and reliably.

Clean Filters

When the filter in your heating system gets dirty, it restricts the flow of air. This causes your furnace to work much harder than it needs to and that shortens its lifespan. Reduced airflow causes the furnace to overheat and components like the heat exchanger are damaged.

When you’re regularly using your furnace, inspect the air filter every month. It needs to be changed every few months and possibly every month. You should change it monthly if you have pets or a lot of dust in your home. If it looks dirty or clogged, change it.

Improper Placement

You should hire a skilled company to install your furnace. Where the system is placed and how it has been installed will dramatically affect its lifespan. Furnaces need proper ventilation and clearance to last a long time.

Size of Furnace

Make sure you get the right size furnace for your home. One that is too large will constantly cycle on and off, which shortens its lifespan. One that is too small will run constantly as it’s unable to adequately heat your home.

Metal Masters installs, repairs, and maintains heating and cooling systems. This includes furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners. We also install duct systems, attic insulation, and provide indoor air quality solutions. To find out more or to schedule service, please call our office today.