There is no question that Oregon winters are cold. If you don’t prepare your home well enough, you could end up suffering through the winter months. There are several ways you can get ready and beat the harsh winter cold.

1. Protect Your Pipes

Even though it will not directly keep you warm, you should always make sure your pipes are protected from the cold. Keep water dripping to keep it from freezing, and open the cupboard doors where the pipes are. This will also help keep air circulating.

2. Turn Your Heat Up a Little More Than Normal

Even if you are accustomed to a certain temperature, your furnace will have to fight harder when it is cold. Turning up the thermostat will help you stay in your normal comfort zone. Don’t forget your fall maintenance so you know your heater is working well.

3. Keep Everything Closed and Insulated

Shut your chimney damper and close and latch all your windows, even storm windows. Open your curtains during the day if there is sun so you can take advantage, but keep them closed at night for extra insulation. You can apply insulation around your windows on your own, and a professional heating and cooling company can find other areas which aren’t sealed tight enough.

4. Protect Outside Water Sources

Disconnect your garden hose, and if you have a sprinkler system, drain it for the winter. If outside water sources freeze they could cause serious damage.

5. Keep Your Vehicle Inside if Possible

Even an unheated garage will provide some protection for your car during the bitter cold. If your vehicle is outside, use a diffuser to keep the lock from freezing overnight. Keep chains and emergency supplies in your trunk for emergencies. Make sure you have a blanket, food, gloves and a flashlight.

Reliable HVAC Contractors

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