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HVAC Equipment

Everything from heating and cooling to air purification and humidity control

Heating and Cooling

Products for getting the temperature just right

Lennox Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

Efficiently filling your home with warm or cool air depending on the season and your needs

Lennox Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners

Make the inside of your home a place of respite from the stifling summer heat

Lennox Furnace


When outside temperatures drop, keep comfy inside bundled up in some toasty warm air

Lennox Mini-split


Ductless air comfort for those hard-to-reach spaces of your home—in any season

Air Quality

Healthy, fresh, and allergen free

Lennox Pure Air S

Air Purification

Filtration systems remove air-born contanimants and provide relief from respiratory symptoms

Lennox Dehumidifier

Humidity Control

Enjoy ultimate indoor air comfort without feeling “sticky and muggy” or “dry and itchy”

Lennox Ventilation System

Ventilation Systems

Exchange stale indoor air for fresh outside air without having to compromise energy efficiency


Your indoor air comfort needs—right at your fingertips

Lennox Thermostat


With elegant and easy-to-use interfaces, fine tune the indoor air to your desired perfection

Lennox Zoning Control


Individual comfort control for those spaces in the home that need it

Our Promise: 10 Years - Worry Free

10 Year



We include an extended 10-year labor warranty with the purchase and installation of new Lennox or Mitsubishi branded equipment. We believe this is an important investment and want our customers to experience true peace of mind throughout the life of their new equipment.

Manufacturer warranties generally only cover the cost of parts—leaving homeowners with labor expenses to replace any failed parts during the warranty period. However, with this 10-year labor warranty, Metal Masters’ customers will not be left with these additional labor expenses. Simply put, if Lennox or Mitsubishi warranty the part, we will cover the labor.

*This extended labor warranty does require regular yearly maintenance performed by Metal Masters, Inc. to ensure that we catch any potential issues early, and that your equipment is running at peak performance. It does not cover acts of God, misuse or neglect of equipment, or these wear items: filters, catalysts, bulbs, contactors, and capacitors. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the Lennox equipment, and is non-transferable.