We believe we have the most conscientious group of installers and service techs. We also think that we sell the highest quality heating and cooling equipment available. But once in a while a job does not go according to plan, and our standard of excellence is not met. Making it right for our customer then becomes our top priority.

One such customer called us needing to replace an old oil furnace. Oil furnaces are known to blow very warm air into a house, and this is what our customer was used to. We installed a new heat pump for them. From day one, it would not warm the house as it was designed to—or like they were accustomed to with the old oil furnace.

The air temperature in the house would be just barely tolerable, but it would never reach a comfortable level of warmth. Over the course of several months, we sent service technicians out on at least 10 different occasions to diagnose and fix the problem—but with no success. Finally, we discovered a problem with the compressor, which prevented the unit from running at full capacity. At last, we got it working properly and warm air blowing into the house.

However, by this point our customer had become indignant with us. It had taken much too long to get the new system working. They called the President of Metal Masters to complain about the experience. To make it right, it was decided to compensate the customer by extending their warranty—including labor—to five years for no additional charge.

The customer was very pleased with this resolution. Soon after this incident, they sold their house and moved to another home. Immediately—without looking into any other competitors—they called Metal Masters to start handling the HVAC maintenance for their new home. They are quite happy now, and one of our service technicians even observed, “They act like we’re their best friends!”