None of us like it when something of ours breaks. Whether it’s a computer, lawnmower, or any other number of things (not to mention our own bodies), it usually means we will have some kind of hassle either fixing it or replacing it. In every frustrating instance you are guaranteed to lose at least one thing—time.

Recently, we had one of our guys, who was the lead on a particular job, injure his ankle. The injury was bad enough that he needed to take time off to rehabilitate. This left a hole in our production schedule. To make matters worse, it all happened during our busiest season of the year. Getting this job completed on time for our customer would prove difficult.

Our Residential Department Manager decided to step up and take the lead on this job—even though this type of work does not normally fit under his job description. Seeing this project for the first time, and realizing he would need to push hard to get it finished within the scheduled time frame, he developed a design and got the job moving forward.

During the four days it took to complete the job, eight additional technicians stepped in to help out—and this was after they had already been working ten-hour-long days. As a result, the job was finished on time, making for a very pleased customer. The team of people working here are exceptional, to say the least, and we could not be more proud of them. They pulled together, gave what little extra time they had, and made it happen for our customer.