Can you blame them? They are, after all, just looking for shelter and food. With cooler temperatures now arriving, nothing could be more appealing than a crawl space with leaky air ducts—spreading out warm air and tasty food scents.

The presence of ground squirrels, rodents, and other types of nocturnal critters, with access to your ductwork, is nothing short of invasive and destructive—not to mention expensive. Once a critter gets into the actual ductwork, they typically run through the entire system creating health problems in the air quality of the home. It is safe to assume that once a critter gets into the ductwork, the whole duct system will need to be replaced.

We’ve discovered that homes located next to parkways or golf courses are especially at risk. Or sometimes, the neighbors are drawing these critters into the area by feeding them near, or on, the property. As effective as pest control companies are at dealing with most critters, there are some—such as ground squirrels—that can prove very difficult to remove, if not impossible.

A solution that is often overlooked is installing a metal duct system. Some HVAC companies lack the capability to build this type of system, and the up-front cost can be prohibitive for some homeowners. However, when you consider the potential expense of having to replace a duct system more than once—as some of our customers have experienced—it is actually a solution that could save a homeowner over the long run.

We think the homeowner’s own shelter ought to be a place of comfort, and unquestionable safe air quality. For customers whose duct system and air quality have been pillaged by these pests, we have found no better guarantee for keeping them out than with a metal duct system.