Last October Metal Masters, in partnership with Lennox®, donated new heating and cooling equipment, along with the installation, to three different households in southern Oregon.

This was the third year in a row Metal Masters participated in the Lennox® sponsored program Feel the Love. In this program, Lennox® donates new heating and air conditioning equipment to recipients while local dealers provide the installation time and labor. The local community also participates by nominating individuals or families who need heating and cooling in their home.

Read about the people we were able to help out below.

Amy and team of residential HVAC installers, wearing red "Fee the Love" shirts, posing for photo next to new air conditioner

On October 9, we installed a new system for Amy, a Medford resident living in a home without heat for the past five years. While explaining her situation, Amy commented, “The house is really old… the unit that was here previous hasn’t worked since I moved in. Every year I have to use space heaters to heat all the different rooms… but it still gets pretty cold every winter. In the summer all I have is a window unit.”

She now has a new air conditioner, furnace, and duct work. When asked what having this new system was going to mean for her, she replied, “It’s going to be huge… as far as financially, and for comfort in the home”.

Suzanne and team of residential HVAC installers, wearing red "Fee the Love" shirts, posing for photo next to Metal Masters box van

On October 11, we met up with Suzanne and her family, at their home in Medford, to install a new heating and cooling system. Suzanne, who works for a local non-profit organization, lost her home a few years ago in the Almeda fire. Afterwards, she moved to a home that did not have air conditioning.

In describing their situation Suzanne noted, “We’ve had to supplement the last three years with [window] air conditioning units which are really kind of inconvenient. It’s hard during the summertime when it’s the smoky season… [window] air conditioning units just don’t block out all that smell.”

In response to receiving the new heating and cooling system Suzanne replied, “It’s such a tremendous help because it’s an expense that we definitely can’t afford… It’s just going to make us so much more comfortable.”

Ira and Joanne and team of residential HVAC installers, wearing red "Fee the Love" shirts, posing for photo next to mini-split system

Lastly, on October 23, we installed a new mini-split system for Ira and Joanne in Grants Pass. Talking about the heating in his home Ira told us, “I’ve lived here almost 70 years. We’ve had wood heat in it it’s whole life. My health issues came up so that I won’t be able to cut firewood anymore, so this is kind of a blessing to us—a great blessing… and don’t know how we got so lucky!”

HVAC residential installer working on mini-split indoor head unit

It is a privilege, and pleasure, to help people out with new heating and cooling comfort for their homes. We plan to participate in this program again in October of 2024, and will be looking for three more households in need of heating and cooling equipment. And, we’ll need your assistance to find these people.

You can visit all year long to nominate people in your community. Thank you for your help as we look forward to bringing more loving comfort to our neighbors in need.