4 Signs Your Home’s Ductwork Is Damaged

If you own a home in Medford or Klamath Falls, chances are good that your home has ductwork. This is what supplies the heated and cooled air from your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner or other heating and cooling equipment. Damaged ductwork directly impacts your comfort and your energy bills. Look out for these four signs that your home’s ductwork is damaged.

1. Rattling or Whistling Sounds

Ductwork with gaps or holes allows the pressurized air from your furnace, heat pump or air handler to leak. The rattling or whistling sounds are caused by the air vibrating loose pieces of metal and moving through those gaps, holes and cracks.

2. Poor Airflow

Damaged ductwork allows heated or cooled air to leak into the walls, attic or crawlspace. You may notice low airflow from your home’s vents because not enough of the air reaches your living spaces. Ductwork repairs, sealing or replacement restores proper airflow to your home.

3. Excessive Dust or Debris

Gaps and cracks in ductwork allow dust and debris to settle. You may notice that your house gets dustier, especially when you’re using the heating or air conditioning system. Duct sealing and repair reduces the amount of dust and debris circulating in your home’s air.

4. Pest or Mold Infestations

Holes or cracks in ductwork allow pests to get inside. Pests may create nests in the ducts. The nesting material and waste from the pests contaminates your home’s air and may trigger allergy or asthma problems. Mold thrives in damp, warm vents. Repairing the damaged ductwork and professional removal of the pest or mold debris may alleviate your symptoms.

Metal Masters, Inc. offers ductwork repairs. If your ductwork is beyond repair, we’ll replace it and restore comfort and energy efficiency to your home. Our HVAC installation and repair services ensure consistent temperature and humidity control throughout the year. You can also count on us for attic insulation and planned maintenance. If you’re a Medford or Klamath Falls area business owner, you can trust us for commercial HVAC services. For more information about the signs of damaged ductwork, contact us today.