Your thermostat is a lifesaver during the heat of summer or the chill of winter. However, these devices don’t last forever. Let us take a close look at some signs that your thermostat should be repaired.

Temperature Won’t Change

While this may sound obvious, you clearly need to fix your thermostat if it doesn’t control the temperature. Give it about an hour to change, but nothing more than that. If the climate of your home doesn’t cool off in a timely manner, something is wrong with the internal system. Similarly, if it won’t warm things up on demand, there is a very real cause for concern. You’ll need to seek out a professional repair.

Wrong Reading

Wrong readings also require a repair. If your home is cool but the thermostat lists a warm number, the system isn’t calibrated properly. Fortunately, this is a lighter repair as you only need to take a look at the communication between the thermostat and HVAC equipment. To conduct these sorts of tests, bring out a handheld thermometer or two for a second opinion. If the true temperature is off by more than a few degrees, you have some sort of issue with calibration.

Slow Interface

Finally, if the interface is slow, that’s something that should be fixed right away. When you tell the thermostat to lower the temperature by five degrees, you shouldn’t have to wait a few seconds for it to register. When the thermostat isn’t behaving accurately, don’t give it a pass. A repair can make it just as responsive as ever and ready to help keep your indoor climate comfortable.

Contact Professional Services

In conclusion, these are some signs that your thermostat should be repaired. At Metal Masters, Inc., we can take care of all your thermostat needs. We’re experts in the most common downfalls of thermostats and how to repair them. We’re also capable of dealing with duct systems, humidity control, and heat pumps. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today for any of the above. We serve clients throughout Klamath Falls and Medford.