We know a lot about heating and air conditioning—it’s what we do after all. We can successfully design, install, and service HVAC systems all day long. We understand the complex science of purifying, temperature-moderating, and moving air in any house or commercial building. Occasionally, however, our customers require us to go a little above and beyond just being HVAC experts.

With an acute eye for detail and the fact that they can often be found in the hard-to-get-to spaces of a home, our service techs and installers have a knack for finding mechanical problems—even hazards—that a homeowner will not likely be aware of. They have made discoveries such as a dryer vent that is not fastened correctly, faulty electrical wiring, or a leak in a sewer line, among other things. In one case we had to let a customer know that their bathtub drain had never been hooked up and that the sub-floor underneath it had rotted out.

Our people will typically warn the customer when they see problems like these, and on occasion, will also help fix the problem depending on the situation. They have helped our customers troubleshoot mobile devices and network routers, change a light bulb, or even clean out some gutters. In fact, we had one customer that, whenever calling for service on his HVAC system, would request a specific service tech to come on the last call of the day—all to have him stay after the call and help out with other home maintenance projects.

And finally, we have customers who like to tap into our expertise about all sorts of topics unrelated to technical or service issues. We’ve had a customer ask us to refer them to a good arborist, and in another instance a customer wanted advice on choosing a physical therapist. On one of our service calls, our tech somehow got on the topic of tasty pumpkin pancakes with a customer. They wanted the recipe, so he shared it with them.

Of course, we make no claims to the reliability of these suggestions. Nor, can we provide any warranty for the additional tasks we might perform. However, we do believe that spreading some goodwill through a little extra help or assistance is evidence of the genuine care we have for our customers.