Investing into a new heating and air conditioning system is no trivial matter for most of us. We want to know—and rightly so—if we are getting the best possible value our money will afford. And, there are likely many questions we will want to have answered along the way: Is this the best product available for the money, or is there something better? How efficient is the new equipment that is being considered? Is it appropriate to negotiate for a better price? Or, How does one know if they are being taken advantage of?

We have probably all felt, at one time or another, like we were duped into buying something we really didn’t want, or paying more for something than we should have. This is never a good feeling. In fact, many of us have a general distrust of salesmen for this reason. At Metal Masters, we understand this and purpose to distinguish ourselves from other HVAC companies in the way we genuinely care about and respect our customers. Below are some of the specific ways we do this.

Not all companies are accurate regarding the efficiency ratings of the equipment they sell. For instance, a new outdoor unit must be paired with a compatible indoor unit in order to perform at its advertised efficiency rating. If it is not, then the desired rating will not be reached. Often, an HVAC salesman will fail to mention this detail—misleading customers to think they are achieving a certain efficiency rating when they are not, in fact. When we present a bid for a new system, we are up-front about these types of specifics and answer any questions to make sure our customers know exactly what they are getting.

Some companies will include an additional—and arbitrary—markup to the price of equipment and labor when a customer is perceived to be of a higher socioeconomic status. This can also happen for other ambiguous reasons as well. We believe this practice is unfair and make a point to use a consistent pricing structure for everyone we serve.

Other companies also haggle with their customers over pricing, making for a competitive relationship from the start. Again, we think that using consistent and fair pricing is a preferable method. We also would rather work for our customers, and not compete against them in any way.

We believe this approach, along with the expertise of our staff and high-quality products, dignifies the customer’s experience with us. We value and respect these people too much to not demonstrate this type of honesty in all of the work we do.