Cleaning your HVAC unit is an important maintenance strategy that you should incorporate. A clean heating and cooling system will perform efficiently, last longer, require fewer repairs, and use less energy, which benefits homeowners. How do you clean your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit?

1. Clean HVAC Ducts

Ducts and vents should be cleaned regularly so that your system can perform optimally. When ducts and vents are blocked by dirt, your system will struggle to heat and may use a lot of energy. A typical dust brush, especially with a long handle, can be of great assistance in cleaning the ducts and vents.

2. Clean Furnace Filters

Filters play a primary role in trapping dust particles from inside your home. By replacing filters that have trapped dust particles, your HVAC system will work more efficiently. If you have non-replaceable filters, you should make a practice of cleaning them using a vacuum or rinsing them off with water. Keeping your filters clean will also help you save on your electric bill.

3. Clean Blower Compartment

In most cases, people clean essential components on the system but forget to clean the blower compartment. What you might not know is that the dirt accumulates in the blower compartment, and this dirt can clog the system and make it work harder. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the hard-to-reach places in the blower compartment.

4. Clean Electrical Terminals

Paying attention to ductwork and vents is necessary, but you also need to check the electrical terminals as well. Electric terminals can corrode over time, so it is necessary to clean them periodically. Make sure to turn off the main power before you clean them. Use a wire brush to clean the corroded terminals.

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