If you’ve done any research into a new cooling system for your home, then you’re aware by now of the many factors to consider. Will a smart thermostat make your air conditioning unit more efficient? How much it will cost to operate the system? What size unit do you need to cool your home? Air conditioners are rated with BTUs, or British thermal units. Read on to learn about air conditioning BTUs.

What Air Conditioning BTUs Mean

BTUs are a measurement unit. One BTU is a measure of how much heat it takes to warm 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level. When it comes to air conditioning systems, BTU ratings mean how much heat the unit can transfer out of your home’s air.

Why Having the Right Amount of BTUs Matters

If you install an air conditioner with too many BTUs, it will cycle too frequently. This will lead to excessively high utility bills. Frequent cycling will also cause extra wear and tear on the air conditioner. If you choose a cooling system with too few BTUs, it will have to run constantly to keep your home cool. Even constant cycling may not be enough for an air conditioner with insufficient BTUs to keep your home comfortable.

How to Determine How Many BTUs You Need

The main way to determine how many BTUs of air conditioning your home needs is to calculate the home’s square footage. A 1,400-square-foot home needs about 23,000 BTUs of cooling power. Other factors to consider include how much direct sunlight your home gets and how many windows it has.

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