The winter months are a time when many people like to stay indoors where it is warm. However, you want to create a balance between keeping everyone in the home comfortable and not wearing out your furnace. Let’s take a look at how you can create that balance.

The Thermostat Should Be Set to 68 Degrees

Most HVAC professionals believe that you should keep your thermostat at roughly 68 degrees during the day. However, it may be a good idea to set it closer to 65 degrees when no one is home or while you’re asleep. Those who are more sensitive to the cold may want to keep their thermostat at closer to 70 degrees. The folks at Metal Masters, Inc. in Medford can inspect your furnace or thermostat to ensure that your house is at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Humid Air Tends to Be Warmer

Adding moisture to the air may trick your body into thinking that the temperature is warmer than it really is. This can be done by installing a humidifier in areas of the home that feel especially dry. In addition to making the air feel warmer, moist air can be beneficial for your home and your health.

Make Sure the Thermostat Is Properly Calibrated

If your thermostat is positioned in an area that receives too much sun, it may believe that the temperature is warmer than it actually is. Conversely, thermostats that are placed in an area that is too dark may think that the temperature is lower than it actually is. When a thermostat isn’t working properly, your furnace may run longer than it needs to or for less time than it should.

Give Metal Masters a call today if you need help staying warm and comfortable during the cold and dark winter months. We will also be happy to install a new air conditioner or a ductless system in your home.