With all of our phone lines lit up and service technicians booked out to 10 p.m. with service calls (not including the additional calls that will come in after hours), it can mean only one thing: It’s really hot out there.

Southern Oregon has been experiencing blistering hot temperatures—in excess of 100 degrees—for the last several days, and it has taxed the air conditioning systems for many residents in the area. This means a lot of homes can be found without any cooling comfort.

It also means our service technicians will endure long and grueling-hot days without much time for a break, while working hard to get these broken systems up and running. Our on-call tech worked 19 hours just the other day. Back in the office, the dispatch team can also be found after hours fielding phone calls, handling logistics, and doing their best to keep waiting customers happy.

A few days of this routine would likely try the patience and character of the best of us. And yet, it is a pleasant surprise to find our service techs always displaying a good attitude in spite of the exhaustion and pressure. This is likely due to how well they operate as a team, have each others back, and are collectively committed to providing exceptional service for our customers.

It is not uncommon for a tech to complete a late-night call, and then contact the others to find out who could use some help in getting their service calls finished as well. The residential service manager can be found, at all hours, on the phone providing technical advice, delivering food and cold drinks, or simply calling to give some encouragement to one of the techs still at work.

We are quite proud of our service team pulling together for each other and our customers like they do. Many residents of southern Oregon will benefit rather comfortably by the hard work, expertise, and sweat of these guys.

Ryan delivering cold drinks and food to service techs working in the heat

Ryan, our residential service manager, gets the cooler packed and makes rounds to all of our hard-working service techs, delivering cold drinks, tacos, and a little moral support.