The air is dry in Medford and surrounding areas in the winter, and in the summer, air conditioning can create uncomfortable air as well. If you’re ready to make the environment in your home more pleasant for you and your family, then consider having a humidifier installed.

Humidifiers and Comfort

With the cold comes dry air, but a humidifier makes winter air inside a home less scratchy and more comfortable. When there’s more humidity in the air, you also feel warmer, and you may be able to lower the thermostat and save on your energy bills. Furthermore, a humidifier helps reduce annoying static electricity and makes your lips less likely to be chapped.

In the summer months, the air may be humid outdoors, but air conditioning indoors robs air of its natural moisture. Luckily, a humidifier helps put this moisture back. With a humidifier in the home during summer months, you’re at lower risk for itchy skin, and your house will feel more pleasant, too.

Humidifiers and Health

Using a humidifier, both during the winter and summer, leads to a lower risk of sinus infections and skin issues, and it can even help reduce allergies. In short, your body needs a certain amount of moisture in the air, and you’ll likely notice the difference a humidifier makes.

Other Benefits

Dry air can damage wood furniture, and it even can dry out and crack wood floors. A humidifier helps prevent all this. In fact, it can even keep your hair from frizzing up in the dry air. Furthermore, today’s humidifiers work with smart technology to put exactly the right amount of moisture into the air that you need at a given time.

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