Better air quality for better health. 

It’s easy to forget, or take for granted, the importance of something as simple as the air we breathe. Whether indoors our outdoors its virtual omnipresence goes with us providing sustenance needed for life.

Of course, air is not immune to many types of toxic particles and pathogens that threaten our wellness. According to the EPA, the air inside a building often has 2 to 5 times more concentration of certain pollutants than the air outside.1 It’s a bit alarming to consider that something we don’t even see, could be carrying around numerous contaminants including the causes for many illnesses, allergies, unpleasant odors—among other things.

Thankfully, there is a solution to help you eliminate these indoor airborne contaminants—the Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus. It uses the ActivePure® technology which has been shown to improve indoor air quality in many types of buildings from hospitals and schools, to hotels and homes—even the International Space Station.2

Here are three benefits you can expect from an air scrubber:

1. Fewer Illnesses
Do you ever wonder what kind of viruses or bacteria are circulating throughout your home? Proven to destroy more than 99 percent of surface and airborne contaminants, the Air Scrubber Advanced reduces the number of illnesses you, and everyone in your household, will experience.2 And, in recent FDA-compliant tests, the ActivePure® technology used in these air scrubbers was demonstrated to inactivate over 99.9 percent of airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus (i.e. the cause of COVID-19 disease).3

2. Reduced Allergy Symptoms
Do you, or anyone in your home, battle allergy symptoms? The technology in the Air Scrubber Advanced reduces dust, mold, pollen and other pollutants in the air that cause allergies such as itchiness, sneezing, and watery eyes.

3. Diminished Odors
Do the odors of pets, cleaning supplies, smoke, or any other strong fumes cause you discomfort? An air scrubber will significantly reduce any unpleasant odors in your home.

After having an Air Scrubber Advanced installed, some of our customers have expressed that they now experience fewer instances of illness, relief from allergy symptoms, and a reduction in irritating odors. If protecting the air you breathe is important, then having a proven defense against airborne contaminants is a smart choice to consider. Call Metal Masters to learn more about the options you have to improve your indoor air quality.