For the Third Year in a Row, We’ve Been Honored as One of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon for 2024 by Oregon Business Magazine

Employees of Metal Masters participated in an anonymous survey that rated the company in the following categories: work environment, management and communications, decision-making and trust, career development and learning, benefits and compensation, and sustainable practices.

We are incredibly grateful for—and congratulate—our employees for their every-day dedication and contribution to making Metal Masters a great company to work for!

Why This Matters to You

It’s simple, really—people who enjoy their work do better quality work. We believe that by creating a workplace culture where our team members are valued and empowered to succeed in their careers and lives, our customers benefit with better quality service and product installations.

Just ask yourself, “would I rather have someone working in my home—and around all my personal belongings—who dislikes their job or supervisor, or who is distracted by financial and health stressors? Or, would I rather have someone show up who enjoys their job and is supported in every possible way to do their best work with excellence?” We would choose the latter, and we think you would too.

Receptionist working in office smiling at camera
Commercial installer carrying round duct work at a commercial HVAC job site

Here are the ways we invest into the team at Metal Masters to help ensure your experience as our customer is the absolute best:

  • By treating employees with polite and caring consideration, we help eliminate stressors that could distract them from getting the job done right, or treating you with the utmost courtesy (i.e., fear-based management styles never yield the long-term employee engagement results we are striving for).
  • Providing fully funded health insurance for all our full-time employees means they stay healthier and work more efficiently, saving you time and money.
  • Like health insurance, we also provide regular safety education and training to help minimize injuries on the job—helping the team to be in top shape for the work.
  • Providing and assisting with ongoing industry education helps ensure that every member of our team is up to date with best practices and the newest technologies to benefit you.
  • With ample paid time off throughout the year, employees can recharge and then bring fresh physical and mental energy to their work.
  • Offering good wages, a profit sharing plan, and a 401k match means our employees have less financial stress and can devote more of their attention to serving you with kindness and expertise.

When we say, “Committed to Your Comfort”, it means we are also committed to serving the well-being and success of everyone who works here—so they can put you at ease with the best quality service, expertise, and workmanship.

Think you’d be a good fit on the team? Go on over to our Careers page and apply now!