Jesse, Residential Installation Superintendent. 

While visiting Jesse at one of his work sites, one will likely notice a degree of orderliness around the work area. With tools and ladders kept in their proper place, leftover waste from old equipment neatly located out of site, and drop cloths spread out covering the floors between the entrance and the work area inside, it is evident that conscientiousness is at work here.

Our Residential Manager, Steve, describes Jesse proudly as someone who works fast and thoroughly. With clean looking installations and consistency in getting jobs done correctly, Steve adds that he “doesn’t take shortcuts.”

Jesse grew up in the Rogue Valley and has been working at Metal Masters for 6 years. With 2 daughters, he enjoys spending time hanging out with his family when he’s not at work. He also likes to get out for some hunting and fishing now and then.

While being a residential HVAC installer comes with its share of difficult and even awkward jobs (e.g. navigating crawl spaces that are tight, dirty, and plain scary), Jesse likes that every day brings a new challenge—something different to work out with every job. He is also quick to commend the people he works with for being supportive and generally all-around good people. When asked if he thinks the people at Metal Masters work hard, he replies, “I wouldn’t work here if they didn’t.”

Thanks Jesse… we appreciate all your hard work.