Furnaces should not cause loud noises. Thankfully, regular maintenance usually helps to prevent this. Noises that are loud and sudden, or have perhaps gotten worse over time, have a range of potential causes. Let us consider some of the most common.

Worn Bearings

Metal Masters has provided heating repairs in the Medford and Klamath Falls region since 1968. When it comes to loud noises, we have found worn bearings to be usual suspects. Both fan and motor bearings can wear out over time, causing noise to worsen as the vibration becomes more intense and other issues arise.

Motor Noise

If the noise is originating with the motor but the bearings are fine, the motor may not be properly supported. In extreme circumstances, the motor can actually bounce up and down or side to side. Fortunately, this problem is easily corrected by adding insulation or additional support.

Loosened Fasteners

As screws, rivets and other fasteners loosen, vibration is no longer dampened. Such a problem usually manifests as a hum that worsens over time. This issue is usually caught during seasonal tune-ups.

Ductwork Flaws

Your ductwork can cause many different sounds including loud booms or bangs. Loud noises are often caused by inefficient duct size for the pressure or delayed ignition, which we discuss in the next section. Lighter noises can be caused by gaps, loosened fasteners or other imperfections.

Delayed Ignition

If you hear a loud bang that appears when the furnace initiates but then immediately disappears, there may be an ignition delay. This happens when oil builds up unnecessarily in the chamber and is ignited all at once. This is a serious problem that requires immediate professional attention. Ignition roll-out can be the problem as well, and, while not quite as serious, it too demands professional attention.

Heating and Air in Medford

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